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About Escape

Escape is Truly Unique

A boutique resort set in the jungle with a beautiful stone crafted villa and 4 brand new Garden Suites Escape is located on the north east coast of Dominica - named the "Nature Isle of the Caribbean". 

The VILLA is set high upon the Pointe Baptiste ridge overlooking the turquoise ocean. Separate, 4 Garden suites with a shared pool for a relaxing time, set in the jungle garden surrounded by coconut, almond trees and tropical flowers.


At the base of the hill you will find a white sandy beach with a coral reef just off shore and the majestic Red Rocks hugging the tropical beach.


Escape is located within the quaint neighborhood of Pointe Baptiste and is a short distance to the village of Calibishie, a truly authentic Caribbean town where you will find a few grocery stores, restaurants, small beach bars, fishermen with fresh catches, small Saturday markets, gas station, bank, health clinic and a local beach.


There are natural sites of interest nearby including the Red Rocks and Chaudier Falls, to name a few. Take a stroll on the beach, swim, snorkel or just relax at ESCAPE; there is something for everyone.

Youngest island of the Lesser Antilles, Dominica boasts unspoiled natural beauty and lush mountainous rainforests, home to many rare plants, animals and birds.

Fun Facts About Dominica

. The monthly magazine ”Caribbean World” has nominated Dominica to the best destination for the so called ecotourists.

. British institute of research claimed that Dominica have one of the five happiest people in the world! 

. Two thirds of Dominica is covered by protected rain forest.

. There are 365 rivers and you will also find the largest boiling lake in the world.

. There are no poisonous insects or snakes on Dominica.

. Sport-magazines have nominated Dominica as one of the best locations in the world for sports diving.

. Dominica has the lowest crime-rate in the Caribbean.

. Dominica has the highest percentage of people over 100 years of age in the world.

. Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3 chose Dominica as the recording place for its beauty, adventure and mystique.

. Ranked as among the ten most ethical travel destinations in the world by Ethical Travel.

. Our Morne Trois Pitons National Park was the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the eastern Caribbean.

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Map - West Indies
Map - Dominica
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